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01:28am 25/06/2008
  Rick is demanding that we do these damn things. Don't ask me WHY, he knows everything about me already. And this could be used as valuable blow job time instead, but whatever.


1. Hi, my name is Rostislav, but you can call me Rusty. Or "Sir" as Rick usually does. *smirk*
2. You Can Call Me ...what the fuck, I said that up there. Whatever.
3. I'm Dating/Married/Single/A Swinger Married, to our Captain. So I get special treatment. Sorry, no sex with our Captain, that might fly on other teams, but I've got dibs on this one.
4. I Hang My Hat in New Albany, with Rick and the coolest dog of all time. Don't listen to Rick, he's not a wimp. If you messed with him, he would fuck you up. Maybe.
5. The Most Random Thing I Feel Like Telling About Myself I can't wear anything but black boxer-briefs during games, and I can't wear anything under my pads on top. Also Rick tends to sing in his sleep. Off-key.

Fuck this, I'm in Mexico and it's 85 degrees out and I've got a half naked husband out on the balcony waiting to be felt up, later.
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12:38am 20/05/2008
mood: okay
...I think Rick and I want to just hide out for a while. It'd be nice if people would stop fucking blaming shit on him.

How quickly team Canada forgets what he's done for them.
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01:35pm 19/03/2008
  I haven't properly gloated about my newly crested husband here.

Hell yes, that's a C on Rick's jersey, and hell yes, he earned it.

I am so fucking proud.

And while this year looks like it's going to go the same as every other year--next year, boys, it's OUR team, it's OUR turn to prove what we can do, and we CAN make the playoffs and prove that we're good enough to run with the big boys in the league.

Time to give Rick and Nik the support they deserve.

...And now to give Rick ANOTHER KIND of, um, ahem...support. ;)
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11:19pm 22/01/2008
  What I've learned in hockey this week:

A puck to the mouth fucking hurts.
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01:21am 12/11/2007
mood: silly
Just saying, my husband? Completely insane. I have no idea what he was talking about there.

...okay, I'm full of it. I ...can't figure how to do those heart thingies.

But I



too, baby.

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10:07pm 28/10/2007

Hahaha, bitches. That's what you all get for underestimating him.

Life is good and sweet and winning is AWESOME. I could get used to this.
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02:17am 01/10/2007
mood: pessimistic
Why do I get the feeling that nothing is going to change this year?
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11:05pm 29/08/2007
mood: geeky
Back in Columbus for good now, it's hard to believe the season is right around the corner. Training camp with new teammates, a new GM, new logo (officially now.), new uniforms.

It should be an interesting year, hopefully an improvement on last season.

Summer has been wonderful, I am quite enjoying being a married man. People who say your sex life dies when you get married? Liars.

Or just really unlucky. ;)
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01:23am 31/07/2007
mood: happy
I just want to say that this married life thing is pretty awesome. Not all that much has changed really, our everyday lives aren't any different, other than the fact that now it's...I can just FEEL it. It's permanent now.

This is what I have forever. And it's awesome. There are words in Czech that describe it, but I can't think of any in English that do it justice.

My life is perfect. And it's only getting more perfect with every passing day. I love this.
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10:18pm 27/06/2007
mood: busy
Can someone please tell my fiance that if he doesn't shave soon, I'm not going to marry him?

I've had beard burn on my thighs chest stomach neck for a few weeks now, and this cannot continue. I want to look GOOD for the wedding, not all red and all of that. Just sneak a razor and some shaving cream into his hands. Anything.

That said, holy hell, wedding's coming up soon. Still so much to do. I probably shouldn't be wasting time here online, but oh well.

Been a good summer so far, again, Rick got the gold at the WCs, which was awesome, lots of celebration happened after that. Then we're planning the wedding, we've visited with Marc and Brent and the kids a few times--it's scary how fast they're growing up. Suddenly I feel old--but I know I'm not.

I wish I had more interesting stories to tell, but I do not. Unless you want to hear all about the fascinating world of wedding cake tasting.

I didn't think so.
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01:48am 30/05/2007
  ...So yeah, I've been kind of distracted with the whole MVP and Gold medal celebrations. Really distracted.

But it has been incredibly fun.

I think we'll be heading back to the Czech Republic for a while, and then probably to visit Marc and Brent and the boys, and Nik and Gilbert...lots of visiting. The best part of summer.

Okay, I'm far too distracted for a big update. Naked. Rick. Mmm.
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05:39am 19/03/2007
mood: sore
Ugh. I fucking hate playing in California. Seriously fucking hate it.

Can I just stay home next time?

I'm going to go back to letting Rick baby me now, I don't even feel like being polite. Fuck this season.
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07:25pm 03/02/2007
mood: horny
Okay, so for the record, Nik? Next time you're, you know, feeling like death--please don't just ignore it for FOUR WEEKS.

Seriously, man, that's not cool. Get better, we need you out there.

That said: Did you all notice that sexy guy who kicked ass at the All Star Game and got robbed of the MVP trophy? Yeah. He was pretty fucking hot, eh?

God damn, I'm a lucky bastard.

Speaking of him...
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03:25am 18/12/2006
mood: flirty
I didn't really update about it yet, but I would like to take a moment to celebrate.

Bwahahahaha. *points and laughs at Gallant*

...Ahem, okay, sorry. I had to get that out of my system. It's kind of nice to have a real coach for a change. We're still not there yet, but we're definitely getting better. It'll take some time.

Also, notice that really awesome power forward owning everyone else right now?

Fuck, I love watching Rick when he's really on his game.
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03:46am 20/11/2006
mood: annoyed
Right. Blame me for the loss. Sure, it was all me.

It wasn't the fact that we can't score goals, of course not. It wasn't the fact that our GM is a fucking moron. It isn't the fact that we literally have no real head coach now.

Nope. All my fault.

Fuck you.
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01:01am 15/10/2006
mood: devious
Okay, guys...Tonight? That's not a good game. That's not really how we want to play. The other night? THAT was a good game. We should play like that more.

Because God knows we'll need to be scoring goals this year if we want to actually win

Also? Don't listen to Rick when he tells you all I'm a thug. I'm not. Really. I'm just, um....agressive. Yes. Agressive. That's all.

Rick is reading over my shoulder and laughing at me. Which means I have to go find some, er...creative ways to shut him up. ;)
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Camp, rambling.   
11:12pm 16/09/2006
mood: listless
...Is it true? It's training camp and Rick and I are both healthy?

This could be a world record.

Camp is going okay--minus the notable losses of Nikky and Marc. Seems like a different place out there on the ice, without both of them. It's nice to have Gilbert with us...but having those two gone, it's just...really different.

I've never known the Blue Jackets without Marc. He's one of very few who'd been here longer than I have. It's hard to come to camp now, and he's gone. It's just Leclaire, and Prusek, and Conklin...but none of them are Marc. None of them could even dream of being Marc.

It leaves kind of an empty spot in the locker room, even if someone else is now sitting in his stall.

And Nikky--we miss you, kid. Hopefully our moronic, bullheaded, cockslap son of a fucking bitch whore GM wakes the fuck up soon.

Oh well. A new year, hopefully I can make it through this one without any freak injuries. I don't need any more metal implants *laughs*

...And Rick is now heading out to the hot tub, and that's all I need to lure me out there as well. Later *grin*
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most expensive gift EVER, etc.   
02:30am 09/08/2006
mood: cheerful
Yeah, the house for Nik/Gil is officially the most expensive gift we've ever given anyone. But the look on their faces was well worth it. And it would've felt wrong losing the house, having someone else living there. Lots of memories there *grin*

Still getting used to the idea of Marc being gone, as far as on the ice. I've played in front of him since the beginning of my career--I'm going to miss him. We've been in this together for a long time. Do we have ANY original Jackets left now? I can't remember.

Anyways, summer's going well, though I am getting kind of excited to play again. I always do, when it hits August. So one of these days, Rick and I will have to actually stop having sex being lazy and go work out. Someday.

Speaking of Rick, he's looking cute and maulable over in bed, and he's naked, so yeah, gone. *grins*
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12:32am 12/07/2006

I'm sorry.

We were all so excited to be rid of Luke, and now you have to deal with him again. I'm really sorry.

Can we steal you back?
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Travelling, RV's, teammates...   
01:47am 11/05/2006
mood: cheerful
First of all, congrats to Gilbert for winning the WHL championship, and winning playoff MVP. Bring that back to Columbus with you. And please don't get hurt again...not that I've really got any room to talk on that front. Eh.

New Zealand with Rick in a few days here. And then he bought this RIDICULOUS RV. And by ridiculous I mean completely awesome. I think its bigger than Jody's last apartment *grin* Slavomir's going to love it. Its going to be great just driving around, seeing places, going as we please...I'm definitely looking forward to it. I'm glad Rick had that idea.

As much as I wish we were playing right now, its kind of nice to just relax with Rick and Slavo, and enjoy ourselves, enjoy the time together, without worrying about games and practices. Just the three of us, our own crazy little family. I love it.

Nik? Be careful with Gilbert. We've got a center position waiting for him come September.
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